Our story

"If you can dream it, you can start it with Qbicles."

Our vision

We want to bring the world closer together through business. We dream of a world where millions of people in developing countries can start businesses and give themselves an opportunity for a brighter future.

We want to take away the biggest barriers to starting and running a business and make it as simple as something we all do every day - chatting.

With Qbicles, the tailor in Ghana or the farmer in Nigeria can start chatting, connecting, and selling.

Happy business person

Our story

To bring innovation to life, you need the perfect balance of the most knowledgeable business people and the very best tech expertise.

Our journey began with the meeting of our founders Ike Enenmoh, Donnacha Nelan, and Graham Deuchar - the perfect combination of skills to create one of the most useable, feature-rich pieces of software the business market has ever seen.

In order to create a system that helps owners to easily run their business day-to-day, there needed to be a mix of business know-how, some innovative ideas, and the right technical skills to enable the vision to be translated into a working platform, and so – Qbicles was born.

Our team

Ike Enenmoh
Ideas & business know-how

Former Executive Director of Operations and Trading at Ascon Oil Company in Nigeria. He is the visionary of Qbicles. Having run multiple businesses himself, he has a deep understanding of how businesses work.

Donnacha Nelan
The technical expertise

Donnacha was an early adopter of tech, and has worked in the software industry for over 30 years. He also has experience running a successful tech business for 12 years, which he sold in 2007.

Graham Deuchar
Making software easy to use

Graham is an experienced UI/UX Designer & Product Manager who ensures software is easy to use and intuitive for users on all supported platforms and devices.