How Qbicles was able to help GiftInc

Learn more about how Qbicles helped GiftInc expand and streamline their operations online, and in-store.


Since its launch in 2019, Gift Inc has been providing custom and hand-made gifts to customers in Lagos. Gift Inc was looking for a way to expand its business in-store and online.

Most of the traditional sales channels could not be effective. Gifting is a very personal process that requires constant interaction with customers. Customers have very specific demands and want to be updated on progress.

Customers also sometimes ask for discounts on the custom services.

GiftInc chose Qbicles as a way to expand online and to improve customer interaction in-store. They are now in constant communication with a lot of their customers. Sales, as well as repeat-purchases are growing every day.

Praise Salami

Marketing Executive

Getting started was much easier and quicker than we expected with Qbicles. We were able to provide the same level of one-to-one support for our customers online as we do in-store, and we're seeing an increase in sales as a result. Our customers appreciate how flexible our shopping experience is using Qbicles, and we'd highly recommend it as a solution to any small business.