ERP bolt-ons help us grow with you

Qbicles bolt-ons are a suite of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools that will help you grow within Qbicles, without being restricted to expensive, bloated ERP solutions. Shape Qbicles to your own, unique business needs.

We're currently running an extensive private beta to ensure our bolt-ons are the best they can possibly be. A huge thank you to all of the existing participants, and a warm welcome to anyone who's interested in being a part of this exciting experience.

Application bolt-ons
  • BankMate

    Manage and facilitate seamless payment integrations with BankMate, providing ingoing and outgoing transaction management within Qbicles' own ecosystem.

  • Bookkeeping

    A robust set of tools for managing your accounts. Coupled with Trader, you’ll be able to automate much of your purchase and sale processes with ease.

  • Cleanbooks

    Balancing your books takes time. With Qbicles, you can significantly reduce the effort involved, and quickly close gaps in your accounts in a more visual way.

  • Commerce

    Connect with other B2B providers and form logistics partnerships to share driver resources, alongside streamlined B2B transactions and processes.

  • Operator

    HR tools for engaging and monitoring your workforce, including time tracking, establishing goals and benchmarking productivity against milestones.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Create eshots and social posts with automation. With support for sales pipeline tracking, your onboarding process will be a sinch.

  • Spannered

    Manage your physical assets across multiple locations, schedule and track maintenance work, monitor use of parts & consumables and more.

  • Trader

    Our flagship app, Trader provides a suite of back of office components for managing inventory, sales & purchases for full micromanagement.

  • Watch this space!

    The beauty of Qbicles is its organic growth. We pivot based on your needs, continually expanding our set of apps to work, and grow, with you.

Device bolt-ons
  • Point of Sale

    Expands your package to include ePoS support for touch devices, simplifying the way you take, and process customer orders instore.

  • Preparation management

    Manage preparation, picking & packing effortlessly with our prep management bolton, available for touch enabled devices.

  • Delivery management

    Take orders from prep, group them into deliveries and assign them to drivers - all within a simple, touch-based app bolton.

  • Driver

    Our Driver mobile app empowers delivery drivers with GPS tracking, route management and communication between business, driver and customer.

Who uses our bolt-ons?

Here are a few examples of businesses who are already sampling what our bolt-ons have to offer enterprise level businesses.

Interested in taking part in the beta? Email us using the link below and we'll be in touch!

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