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Simple chat-based system for transactions with suppliers and customers

Our all-in-one platform powers business, and creates connections between buyers and sellers.

A better buying experience

A better, more transparent shopping experience with our easy-to-use chat interface.

  • See everything in-chat: your shopping, delivery tracking, conversations, previous orders, and customer service conversations.
  • Find exciting new shops, restaurants, and services.
  • You can get deals by simply being in the right place at the right time.
  • Chat in real-time with businesses and get immediate responses to questions.
  • Connect with other contacts and take shopping to the next level.
  • Create and share shopping lists, deals and much more.

Want to start your own business? You too can start your own business on Qbicles, or you can get access to opportunities such as companies hiring new staff.

We're making business simpler

What do you find hardest about being a business owner? Often it is how stressful it can be. Particularly keeping track of sales, customers, deliveries, inventory and finances.

Qbicles brings all your sales, conversations, and tasks into our easy-to-use chat interface. This gives you a complete picture of everything happening in your business at a glance.

Turn every connection into a powerful shopping experience.

  • Turn leads or enquiries quickly into sales, with our powerful chat-based system for doing business.
  • We have a fun loyalty and promotions system for you and your customers.
  • Connect with loads of suppliers to get the best rates.
  • Tired of reconciling sales across your various social, online and offline sales channels? Use Qbicles to keep inventory, and everything else in sync.
  • You can get your books in sync, too - simply by chatting.
Qbicles makes everything easier, for you and your customers.

Find more channels for the distribution of your goods and services

  • Connect to a fast-growing network of the exact businesses you are looking for.
  • Businesses can find you easily on the Qbicles platform.
  • Negotiate quickly via our chat-based interface.
  • Buyers can start selling your products straight away.
  • Get paid on time and correctly with clear and trackable chat-based orders.

Stop procurement fraud in its tracks

Did you know that procurement fraid is the most prevalent economic crime in Nigeria?

At Qbicles, we want to help keep your business profits safe. We put a continuous flow of data at your fingertips to help you see discrepancies in your inventory, and communicate with suppliers. This helps you spot fraud, and quickly stop it from happening.

Our chat interface keeps transactions with suppliers simple and transparent.

You can also connect our platform to your accounting system to give you a joined-up view of supplier and customer transactions, ensuring the stock coming in matches the stock going out.

Procurement fraud is estimated to cost Nigerian businesses over ₦300Bn yearly.

How much does it cost your business?

By signing up for Qbicles, you can better combat fraud and ensure all your profits are safe.

  • Transparent chat-based system for transacting with suppliers and customers.
  • See your negotiations in real time.
  • Connect with a wide variety of suppliers to get the best prices
  • Know when every order is delivered
  • Connect our platform to your accounting system (or use ours. Qbicles runs its own powerful bookkeeping system).